Senshi Judo Club was established in February 2019 after Winnie Graham successfully coached children who attended a variety of independent schools in the London Area deciding to open the club as a means to forward children’s ongoing training after they reached year 6 as many parents complained that Judo wasn’t being offered at their new secondary school.

Children are now able to continue their Judo development right through to achieving their black belt first 1st Dan belt, If you’re desire is to one day complete at national or international level Winnie Graham will support you and train you to the required qualified level.

Club Time table :

Please contact for more details.

Special Events :
Winnie Graham and his coaches run Sports and Games Parties Packages for children of all ages and would love to contribute to your child’s birthday party or celebration, esquire using the contact form for more information.

Our History

Since opening in February the club has blossomed with a membership of over 57 children to date and the membership is rising. The club has a variety of coaches to help and improve your technical and tactical Judo ability.

Outstanding Achievements

Anna Townsend and Maddie Rhymer are 2 students working with Winnie Graham, they have been training from the age of 8 years old, and are now 14 and 17 Competing at national and International level.





Sensei Judo Coaches teach in a number of the schools in the London Area delivering the Schools for Judo Program.

Specialised Fitness Programs

Winnie Graham designs specialised fitness programs tailored to you and your fitness level to help you achieve your fitness goals, contact us to find out more information

Specialising in a variety of cardiovascular, Flexibility, Core Stability, and Strength and conditioning disciplines tailored made to suit each individual fitness levels.

Sensei Judo Club Is a registered British Judo Association Club.

Please ensure you wear a clean Judo suit for the session and slippers must be worn when not on the mat.